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$1 DIY Faux Fireplace with Good Housekeeping

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Create your own faux fireplace using a junk-drawer staple: Tape! In this video, Good Housekeeping’s Alyssa Longobucco shows you how to craft this $1 mantelpiece at home.

You’ll need:
– 1 roll colored painters tape

1. Make 2 horizontal lines with tape, about 1 1/2 inches apart; make the bottom line a few inches shorter than the top line.
2. Connect the two horizontal lines with 2 small pieces of tape on the diagonal.
Make 2 vertical lines with tape down each side to the floor.
4. Find the center of your faux mantel and put a short piece of tape horizontally below that about 12 inches. Then, work your way up with two pieces diagonally to connect with the bottom of your mantel’s “ledge.”
5. To create the “hearth,” run two pieces of tape horizontally from the right and left sides of your center detailing, each ending about a foot from the outer edges. Run a piece of tape vertically from the edge of each to the ground, parallel to the outer edges.



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