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Easy DIY Centerpiece with Good Housekeeping’s Meaghan Murphy

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Learn how to make this kid-friendly Thanksgiving centerpiece with Good Housekeeping’s executive editor, Meaghan Murphy! This #GeniusIdea is the perfect craft for last-minute Turkey Day decorating with the whole family…

What you’ll need:
– 9 tall glasses
– 2 pounds M&M’s (red, orange, yellow and brown)—you can buy single colors online or at specialty candy stores!
– 5 pieces construction paper
– Scissors
– Paint pen or other marker
– Tape
– 9 dowels

1. Fill the glasses with the M&M’s about halfway full.
2. Cut out 9 circle from the construction paper using scissors. Write “Turkey Day” on the circles, one letter per circle, using a paint pen.
3. Tape the letters on the dowels. (TIP: You could also use straws or chopsticks from your take-out!) Arrange the dowels in the prepared candy cups.

TIP: Swap in different candy and sayings to customize this DIY project for other holidays!



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