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$1 DIY Paper Wreath from Good Housekeeping

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YouTube video


Learn how to make a chic $1 wreath using paper right from your printer! In this video, Good Housekeeping’s Alyssa Longobucco walks you through the simple craft project—perfect for holiday decorating or any festive occasion.

What you’ll need:
– poster board
– scissors
– 6-inches string
– 1 pencil
– 50 pieces printer paper (8.5-by-11-inches)
– Hot glue gun

1. Use a pencil and string to draw a 12-inch circle on the poster board.
2. Pinch the string length in half (3-inches) and draw a smaller circle in the center of your larger circle.
3. Cut out the large circle and the inner circle with scissors to make a doughnut shape.
4. Cut or tear your printer paper in half lengthwise.
5. One piece at a time, fold the paper up into a cone-like shape. Attach the cone point to the wreath base using a hot glue gun. Repeat, gluing the cones close together, until the entire wreath is covered.

(TIP) Go green! Use old newspaper instead of printer paper.


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