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How To Knit A Hat For Beginners | Stitch Club | Good Housekeeping

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In our third Stitch Club project Mariana guides us through the steps to make a colorful and easy ribbed hat. This project is perfect for beginners and great to make as a gift because you’ll have enough yarn to make two hats. Join Good Housekeeping Stitch Club HERE: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/craft-ideas/a37016140/gh-stitch-club/

For more of our Stitch Club episodes click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUB4CrAQdjg&list=PLPzXoCgS5eJ1s-b8j95o-74HuohgcTRsR

00:52 What you’ll need for this project
01:03 How to cast on
02:13 How to do the purl stitch
04:45 How to add a new color of yarn
06:29 How to reduce stitches
11:45 How to finish your project

2 Balls of Yarn
Knitting Needles
Darning Needled



  1. Great job on demonstration. How I wish I could have had access to this video when I was much younger. I can really appreciate the skill that goes into any knit caps and sweaters. Thank you for this video. Best wishes. Rose

  2. I love your tutorial. I knitted several hats for adults and they are perfect. Could you tell me how many stitches I should use for 5-8 year old child ? Should I reduce in the same manner as adults? Thanks in advance

  3. My first attempt at a hat wasn't great so this time I used a stretchy cast on (the German twist cast on) and a stretchy cast off (the Icelandic cast off) and rather that reducing, I just casted off and used a crochet hook to join the sides. Then like a purse, I used the crochet hook to sew in some extra thread and pulled it before tying it 3, times for security and I'm loving my hat!

    Ur tip with turning the hat over to avoid the sewed parts showing on the outside really helped thanks!❤️👍

  4. sorry im confused, i started with 2 purl and then 2 knit, but in the vid you say knit 2 purl 2 while your video captions say ' p 2 k2'.
    after the first row would it be p2 k2( ive done a few rows of this) or k2 p2?

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