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How To Turn One Shocking Food Into An Awesome DIY Centerpiece!

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Eat your veggies & craft with ’em too! Learn how to transform a surprising grocery store staple into a gorgeous centerpiece with Good Housekeeping’s home editor, Cate Geiger. This #GeniusIdea is a super clever DIY project you should definitely keep in your back pocket…

What you’ll need:
– 1 large squash
– Chefs knife
– Ice cream scoop or large spoon
– Cup or small jar
– Flowers
– Garden shears or scissors

1. Cut out the center of a squash using a chefs knife; remove top.
2. Scoop out the insides of the squash using an ice cream scoop.
3. Insert a glass or small jar into the squash; fill with water (this will keep your arrangement fresher longer and will prevent leaks).
4. Arrange flowers in your hand, trimming with shears as needed, then add to the squash vase with the stems in the water.

TIP: Use “food flowers” in this funny twist on an “edible arrangement” like Cate did—she used artichokes and dates to add color & creativity to this centerpiece!


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