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I Tried To Make a 61-Year-Old Christmas Flambé | Toaster Time Machine | Good Housekeeping

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Join Becca on her mission to uncover hidden gems in the Good Housekeeping recipe archives as she travels back through the ages with our Toaster Time Machine. This week we’re going back to the ’50s and ’60s to test some fun and flammable (that’s right, fire!) Christmas treats. Find out if our vintage recipes stand up to our modern tastes and let us know in the comments what time period you’d like us to visit next.

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  1. I run across vintage recipes and such A LOT, so I actually love this concept of finding vintage recipes and making them today, but I would prefer the path of least disaster. What I mean is I would have…

    PART 1 – Take a vintage recipe and make it. Bonus points if it came from a brand name product that revolutionized the world (like Campfire Marshmallows) or if it were a common tradition in affluent society then, but has never been heard of today (like molded treats like the one presented here). Don't cut corners and don't modernize it (cherry pie filling is not a substitute for cherries). Analyze it, see what works, what doesn't.

    PART 2 – Using science (Alton Brown), experience (America's Test Kitchen), refinement (Martha Stewart), and practicality (Rachel Ray) rework the recipe for something people could use and love in the 2020s without altering it too much. Present the final product to friends and see what their responses are.

    (I would add a "Part 3" where readers/viewers who have found old recipes in their (great) grand/mothers' collection could ask questions or ask for suggestions to update these classic recipes.)

  2. “Trapping them underneath the grapes” means that you put the grapes on TOP of the strawberries, so you should put the strawberries in BEFORE you put the grapes in!
    (Simple instructions.)

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