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Kelly Clarkson Just Got Real with Gwen Stefani About Why She Left ‘The Voice’

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  • October 8, 2022

Don’t you hate it when your co-worker bestie leaves the job? Even on a show as competitive as The Voice, there’s no bad blood between rock-and-roll icon Gwen Stefani and pop rock queen Kelly Clarkson.

The “Since U Been Gone” singer invited Gwen onto The Kelly Clarkson Show once again, and during their lighthearted interview, Kelly admitted it was “weird” for her not to be part of the competition this year. “It’s weird to be here talking to you. I feel like I’m cheating on you or something,” Gwen responded back.

Since joining in 2018 for season 14, Kelly achieved four historic wins, and now that “Havana” singer Camila Cabello is taking her spot in the judge’s chair, the two Kelly and Gwen discussed the switch up.

“I was so excited when they announced Camila,” Kelly said, admitted she felt they had very similar personalities. Gwen agreed that the show did a good job of finding Camila as a replacement for Kelly. “I was gonna say, she has the same mentality as you. Like, she doesn’t care about glam or about what she wears,” Gwen said. “She just talks a lot and she’s competitive and she’s umm..she’s you!” she continued.

Despite Kelly stepping down from her role as coach in the season, the Blake Shelton rivalry is still very much alive. Camila may be taking Kelly’s coaching seat, but fans can rest assured that the competition is just as hot as when Kelly was duking it out with the country singer.

NBC//Getty Images

And don’t assume that Gwen is going to go easy on her hubby! Just because Gwen and Blake are married, doesn’t mean she’s taking sides. When Kelly joked that she was excited to see Camila go against Blake, Gwen admitted, “It took [Camila] a couple of days to really get there and after the first ‘Shut up, Blake’, then it was on.” She then joked, “It feels good to say, ‘Shut up, Blake'” to which Kelly quickly agreed.

Now that Kelly’s taking a step back from the competition to spend more time quality time with her kids, Blake still reigns as the coach with the most wins. Considering he’s spent the longest time in the coaching chair since the show first began, it’s going to take a celebrity committed to staying several seasons to steal the bragging rights.

We’re looking at you, Gwen! 👀

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