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Lone Star’ Fans Are Fanning Themselves After Seeing Ronen Rubinstein’s Instagram in Ocean

Starclean Professional Cleaning Service Tallahassee > News > Lone Star’ Fans Are Fanning Themselves After Seeing Ronen Rubinstein’s Instagram in Ocean
  • June 25, 2022

9-1-1: Lone Star may be on break until next year and it looks like Ronen Rubinstein is taking advantage of this fact. The Fox actor, who plays T.K. on the popular procedure drama, recently went on vacation overseas and fans think rest looks good on him.

In honor of World Oceans Day, which happened on June 8, Ronen shared an Instagram video of himself casually swimming off the coast of Camogli, Italy. Donning a pair of dark square shades and a silver chain, the Israeli-American actor gave his followers a 360-degree view of his peaceful time in the ocean before quickly dunking his head into the water. As it turns out, it had been a little bit since he took that stunning trip but he didn’t miss the opportunity to relive it with his followers.

“#WorldOceansDay 🧜🏼‍♂️,” Ronen captioned the clip. “*Swimming in the enchanted waters of Camogli, Italy a couple of weeks ago.”

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Still, we’re happy to see that he got to enjoy relaxing moments like this one before jumping back into filming again. After all, 9-1-1: Lone Star did get renewed for a fourth season in May. While it might not be back until the new year, there are still many answers folks are awaiting from the Austin-based characters.

9-1-1: Lone Star


But in between going on a quick getaway and getting back to set, fans are also seeing Ronen’s busy post-season life. From becoming a member of the Environmental Media Association to talking about Pride Month on the most recent cover of Hello! magazine, he’s making an impact in everything he does.

Speaking of Ronen’s followers … When he posted his serene video, many couldn’t help but melt just a little bit after seeing the 28-year-old swimming in the water. “Gorgeous view and I guess Italy in the back is nice too,” one fan wrote. “This is amazing! Love you ❤️,” another added. “This is a perfect celebration 😍,” a different person commented.

It’s lovely to see the actor so relaxed and we’re already looking forward to seeing him when the show comes back on Fox!

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