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The Puffer Vest TikTok Is Obsessed With Is On Sale At Amazon

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  • January 7, 2023

As the temperatures start to shift, even people in typically warm climates like to add some layers. Enter: the versatile vest. If you’ve watched a #GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video on your TikTok FYP recently, you’ve likely seen this viral puffer vest more than once.

The puffer vest is a wardrobe staple that adds texture to a look. Not only are vests meant to provide some extra warmth, but they also can add some color to your wardrobe or give a solid long-sleeve shirt a whole new look.

The cropped puffer is the latest trend in vests, featuring the same fluffed-up volume and large collar you’ll find on a regular puffer, but with a shorter length so you can wear it with crop tops or low-rise pants. This popular vest has a zipper front and a high-standing collar and is a hit because it comes in such a variety of colors (one TikTok video even features an influencer with the entire rainbow of them). Best of all, it comes in at a low price point.


At under $50, these are seriously affordable fast fashion. While they might not be rated for zero-degree temps like a North Face vest, they certainly help complete a look. The vest is available in 15 different colors and in sizes XS to XXL. If you are trying to be budget friendly in the new year, they are currently on sale at Amazon.

Fuinloth Fuinloth Women’s Padded Vest

Fuinloth Women's Padded Vest

Fuinloth Fuinloth Women’s Padded Vest

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