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We TESTED and TASTED Tik Tok Food Hacks | Good Housekeeping

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YouTube video

The Good Housekeeping food team takes on some popular Tik Tok food hacks to see if they’re good as they look. Join Kate, Becca, Cathy and Nicole as they test Hot Cheeto covered pickles, microwave cookie cake and more in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen. Comment below if you’ve tried any of these.

Check-out the original Tik Toks here:
00:24 Fruit Loop Straws and Cookie Cake by @We Wear Cute
03:20 Chip Bag Hack by @Ross Smith
04:25 Peeling Ginger Hack by @Feelgoodfoodie
04:50 Hot Cheetos and Pickles by MarianaCerna
10:05 Stale Cookies Hack by Maxalah
10:55 Reheat Pizza Hack by @Al Dente Diva



  1. TikTok food recipes should be banned. They are incomplete, don't work as shown, and are a big disappointment to kids who want to learn how to cook if they follow their (tictok) directions.

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