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Why Prince George Was in a Navy Suit While Other Royals Were in Black at Queen’s Funeral

Starclean Professional Cleaning Service Tallahassee > News > Why Prince George Was in a Navy Suit While Other Royals Were in Black at Queen’s Funeral
  • September 22, 2022

While Princess Charlotte’s outfit at the Queen’s state funeral stood out for the subtle diamond brooch tribute she wore in honor of her late great-grandmother, her older brother Prince George, 9, stood out for wearing a navy blue suit as opposed to black like the other mourners.

But George did not break any rules by opting for a slightly different hue at the Westminster Abbey service. According to Hello!, any dark color, including black or navy blue, is proper funeral etiquette and shows respect to the deceased. George wore a black tie with his navy suit too, incorporating both colors into his look. His father William, who was in uniform, also appeared to be in navy with a black tie.

Prince George in navy alongside Meghan Markle, Camilla, the Queen Consort, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Karwai Tang//Getty Images
prince george with princess charlotte and kate middleton


prince william and prince george at the state funeral of queen elizabeth ii

Prince William and Prince George at the State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II

WPA Pool//Getty Images

George is now second in line for the throne after his father William, who is first in line. His sister Princess Charlotte is third in line.

In March, a source spoke to Us Weekly about what George was like in light of his being a direct heir to the throne. The source said that while George is “incredibly tidy” and becoming more confident, he is also still a “fun-loving” kid with a “cute, mischievous side.”

“He likes to play pranks on his parents and siblings, and making everyone laugh,” the source said. “Despite the responsibilities he’ll entail in his future role, Kate and William don’t want to see him grow up too quickly. They’re determined to give him as much of a normal childhood as possible and it’s working wonders. He’s such a lovable, down-to-earth little boy.”

The source added that he is quite the artist and gave some of his paintings to the Queen as gifts while she was alive. “He copies the art and photographs that are up in his Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall homes,” the source said. “He’ll spend hours painting and drawing and absolutely loves it. Kate and William are astonished by how good he is and have framed some of his paintings and given them to [Queen] Elizabeth [II] as gifts. His favorite thing to do is draw pictures of his family.”

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