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‘Yellowstone’ Fans, Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly Dropped a Huge Season 5 Episodes Update

Starclean Cleaning Service Tallahassee > News > ‘Yellowstone’ Fans, Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly Dropped a Huge Season 5 Episodes Update
  • January 25, 2023

Yellowstone fans, you’ll be thrilled about what the show just revealed on social media … and who better to share it than Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly?

In a video uploaded to the Paramount Network series’ official Instagram on January 3, the duo announced that while the next set of episodes won’t premiere until summer 2023, fans can relive their favorite moments by pre-ordering the season 5 part 1 DVD, dropping on May 9. As part of the big reveal, Cole and Kelly also discussed the evolution of their married characters, Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler.

“One of the things I love about this season is that we’ve had some really beautiful moments about not only friendship, but love and honesty,” Cole said in the clip. “I take away from season 5 about how Beth and Rip, but Kelly and Cole, have navigated those waters.”

Kelly added: “What’s lovely is going back and we understand more of them as we play them, because we go back deeper into their history. In season 5, there’s stuff that’s being revealed that we didn’t know about back from when they were teenagers. So we’re discovering all the tiny things about them that Taylor [Sheridan]‘s created.”

When Yellowstone fans saw the actors’ rare appearance on the show’s social media account, they immediately began flooding the comments section with their thoughts. But this also led some to ask an important question about streaming Yellowstone online.

‘Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1’

‘Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1’

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“When can we stream previous episodes of season 5 on Paramount?” one person wrote. “My favorite and only show I’m watching. Sad we have to wait until summer. ❤️,” another added. “Best couple in all of television for sure. Cole and Kelly portray these characters beautifully. Providing us a peek at the human side of these extraordinarily complex characters,” a different follower said.

To answer that question, the first eight episodes of season 5 of Yellowstone aren’t officially out yet on Peacock, its main streaming site. But right now, viewers can watch them either on cable TV or via live streaming platforms like YouTube TV. Folks can also buy individual episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

So, until the summer episodes begin airing, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the season 5 part 1 DVD to watch anytime you wish.

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