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Sewing Expert Reacts to Ryland Adams’ DIY Wedding Suit | Good Housekeeping

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The very talented and knowledgable @Gertie has returned to Good Housekeeping to share her thoughts about Ryland Adams’ video where he tries sewing for the first time to make a suit for his wedding. Watch along with Gertie to hear her tips and tricks for beginner sewers and to see how she graded Ryland’s attempts. Can you say “jabot”?

Make sure you follow @Gertie on her channel and visit charmpatterns.bygertie.com for her amazing patterns and books.

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  1. "If you're tired, don't sew", "slim-boyish hips", "using a pattern helped" are great sayings. Gertie is so nice and diplomatic. She could have torn this guy a new seam. But I respect Gertie, she was kind and fun, just what I expected. Too nice, SMH haha the zipper IS huge. Zippers are tough.Amazing for a first try, I don't believe it. A "C" is a very nice grade. Yes, I totally agree. Four days is amazing. But I don't believe it. He had help in the seams and pattern disambiguation. Gertie is my favorite. She was compassionate, critical, and patient. The cat was my favorite part too.

  2. Sometimes ignorance is good. I was so concerned about sewing a pair of pants for the first time, I did not realise that setting in sleeves was difficult, and just went straight ahead and sewed the jacket. Again, no seam finishing was done, as I did not know any better. Love the video

  3. I can't talk… One of the first garments I made was velvet trousers 😂 no seam finishing aside from folding up the cuffs. It was supposed to have a zip, even taught myself a placket from the pattern instructions but gave up (I was going to change it to buttons) and just attached a 3" elastic waistband. Direct to the velvet 😂
    I was like 15 at the time so I do know jumping into things is possible (despite what some comments are saying). You can only learn by doing afterall! I hope he sticks at it!

  4. I love @Gertie! She helped me start sewing and her skirt tutorial was the first garment I sewed, five years later and never looked back, thank you Gertie!

  5. 😮Serious $500.00 a yard , how many people can you feed with that !!!! I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Just keep stuff simple , Not self-indulgent !!!! I Love watching this vlog, But this is too much . ♥️

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